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Shredders – Roll Rings

Carbide Roll Application:

Carbide rolls are a kind of tool material which consists of tungsten carbide. It is identified by its high hardness and excellent wear resistance.

Grade Selection:

An overall understanding of the properties of carbide grades is a basis for correctly selecting the grades for rolls used in the stands of rolling mills, and an optimal combination of grades is required for the various stands of rolling mills to get best rolling performance.

Main Grades of Carbide Rolls:

Carbide Rolls for Cold Rolling Rebars:

Titanium Carbide Guide Roller:

Roll Installation:

1. Rolls matching: Outside diameters of the pairs of rolls in one stand must be finished within ±0.05mm of the same diameter.

2. Before mounting, rolls and conical sleeves should be kept in a 25-30’C isothermal case, at the same time, pour hot water on the shafts or free run about 20-30 minutes to pre-heat them.

3. Proper fitting is needed for the rolls, shafts for stands and conical sleeves, which cannot be over tight or loose. When it is too tight; the rolls are in a tensile state and more fluctuation of rolling force will make the rolls break; when it is too loose, it causes the rolls, shafts and conical sleeves to slide relatively during rolling, which scratches conical sleeves and shafts resulting in cracks.

4. Before running the mill, make a check if the rolls meet the needs, and the rolls, the assembling faces of the conical sleeves and the shafts need to be cleaned. It is forbidden to knock at the rolls with a hammer or other hard materials when mounting and to impact each other during the transportation and installation to prevent rolls from damage.