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Carbide description

There are many pure metals, compounds, and alloys that are used for various applications in the modern world, but few have the versatility and overall strength that tungsten carbide displays. The compound is created by marrying a percentage of the metal tungsten with carbon in order to create a new material that is rust proof, scratch resistant, and 300% harder than stainless steel. Because of its attributes as well as the fact that it can easily be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes, carbide items have become a staple for businesses in many different industries.

Powder description

Tungsten powder is the main material of tungsten product and tungsten alloy by powder metallurgy. It can be made into wire, rod, tube, plate and other tungsten products of different shapes. It can be mixed with other metal powders and then made into tungsten-molybdenum alloy, tungsten-rhenium alloy, tungsten-copper alloy and high density tungsten alloy. Tungsten powder being made into tungsten carbide powder can then be used to produce tungsten carbide product like drill, module and milling cutter. Besides that, tungsten powder is also used in emerging industry in recent years like anti-radiation fabric, fire-proof clothing and anti-fouling coatings.

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